Don’t Let The Rot Set in: Why It’s so Important to Check and Repair Your Roof

Dry rot is a good example of why it’s vital that homeowners and businesses take roofing seriously and conduct regular checks.

We know that as a roofer with many clients in the Lichfield, Solihull, and Sutton Coldfield areas, we do tend to go on a bit on this subject, but when it comes to rot caused by a leaking roof, we can illustrate perfectly the dangers of neglect.

What is dry rot?

  • Dry rot is a wood eating fungus that thrives where there is food (wood) and water (such as from a leaky roof).
  • Its name can be misleading because like all fungus and mould growths, dry rot does require moisture to grow.
  • Dry rot needs wood that is just damp to the touch to grow – a small sustained leak in your roof could provide the perfect conditions.
  • Spores are everywhere in wood and air of your loft or attic.

And why should I be so worried?

Dry rot is so destructive because it breaks down the fibres of the wood it consumes, totally destroying the structure of the timber – not good news where houses have timber supporting structure in the roof.

But dry rot can also spread throughout your home. Growing at an astonishing rate the fungus can send out fine fungal strands that will penetrate the fabric of your home, including brickwork.

How can it be stopped?

Only removing the source of moisture will stop the fungus, and then you’re left with the remedial work, replacing woodwork and treating infected areas.

Simply by ensuring your roof is watertight you can avoid the destructive potential of dry rot altogether – so make sure you start checking you roof, tiles and surrounding brickwork today.

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