The skill of roof repair: Extending the lifespan of your roof

Recently, Britain felt the wrath of Storm Ciaran, reminding homeowners of the crucial role a sturdy roof plays in safeguarding against nature’s whims. Over time, even the staunchest roofs can yield to such forces. Expert roofers like those at Superseal are the bulwark against such eventualities, ensuring your roof remains steadfast for years.

Identifying common issues

Among the first steps in roof repair is spotting troubles like missing tiles or leaks. An expert roofer swiftly identifies these, averting further damage. Water seepage, if overlooked, can escalate, threatening the integrity of the roofing structure and your property.

Timely interventions

When it comes to roofing woes, delay can be costly. Quick, expert intervention ensures minor issues don’t morph into significant calamities. Superseal’s proficient team epitomises this proactive approach, swiftly rectifying problems, thus prolonging a roof’s lifespan.

Maintenance is the key

Regular maintenance is a linchpin in extending a roof’s lifespan. Simple measures like clearing gutters and inspecting for damage post-storm can be immensely beneficial. Additionally, enlisting an expert roofer for periodic inspections can unearth hidden issues, ensuring timely repair.

Considering roof installation

Repair may not suffice, and a new roof installation becomes imperative. This is a significant step, one that can reinvigorate your home, offering enhanced protection and a fresh aesthetic appeal. Superseal’s adept team ensures a seamless transition, making roof installation a breeze.

Engage with experts

Are you undertaking the journey of roof repair or installation? Engage with Superseal’s seasoned roofers, ensuring your home remains snug and secure against the unpredictable British weather. Your roof, after all, is more than just a shelter; it’s a long-term investment warranting expert care.

The differences between commercial and domestic roofing

Many of us work in commercial properties during the day before returning to our homes in the evening, but if you’ve witnessed first-hand roofing work undertaken at home or work, you’ll understand some of the significant differences a roofer encounters between commercial and domestic roofing in Birmingham.

Scope, pitch and access

Most commercial roof spaces in Birmingham tend to have low pitches or be flat and are generally quite large, whereas domestic roofs have a steep slope and are smaller in area. A roofer can access a domestic roof with conventional scaffolding, whereas a commercial site will require the roofer to use an elevated work platform.

Overall cost and maintenance

If the dimensions of the roof space are identical, then a pitched roof will prove more expensive than a flat one. However, flat roofs on commercial buildings usually cover much larger areas and require more maintenance, making them far more expensive in initial cost and upkeep.

Material types

One of the main differences between commercial and domestic roofs is the materials used. A roofer will use mainly bitumen, EPDM rubber roofing systems or steel roofing sheets to cover roof spaces on commercial buildings. Domestic properties require a more pleasing appearance, so clay tiles and slate will provide durability and a suitable aesthetic.

Emergency repairs

A roofer is always urgently needed whenever a commercial or domestic roof is damaged, but the consequences of not fixing repairs can differ. A leaking roof can cause problematic structural issues to a home if not attended to quickly. In contrast, in a commercial space, damaged roofs can pose a health and safety risk, potentially leading to legal issues should an injury occur. If you own a commercial building or your home roof needs repairing, get in touch with us for a free quote.

When to take action on your flat roof

Flat roofing offers an economical approach to roofing your property in Birmingham in terms of cost and space. Unlike pitched roofs, all the space below and above a flat roof can is usable, and they generally require fewer building materials. However, how will you know when to replace your flat roof? Below are some simple tips to help you identify when remedial action is needed.

Ponding is a term used by roofers in Birmingham and beyond to describe excess water pooling on a flat roof. Several factors can cause ponding, such as a low slope, clogged drains or sagging in the roofing material. If left untreated, the pooling water can cause the roof to degrade, leak and eventually rot away, so it’s vital to act as soon as possible.

Rips in the roof
As with potential issues with water wear, any rips or holes in the roof can result in more lasting and costly damages if not dealt with in a timely fashion. Fibreglass, bitumen, and rubber flat roofing are all susceptible to wear, and in most cases, small holes are cost-effective and straightforward to fix. However, if your flat roof is undergoing regular maintenance and repair, it might be prudent to invest in a new roof.

Before the hard winter frosts set in
After the stormy autumn weather has finished battering the UK, it’s always a sensible idea to check the state of your roof before winter. Any reputable roofers will advise you that repetitive freezing and thawing can cause flat roofs to deteriorate quickly. Therefore, it’s critical to ensure your flat roof in is in pristine condition before the onset of winter. Contact our team today if you have any queries or requirements for flat roof work in Birmingham

The lowdown on hiring roofing contractors

There are plenty of good roofing contractors, but only a select few companies excel. But how do you discover roofing contractors that can exceed your expectations in reliability, price and quality of work? Below we’ll provide the key insights you need to know to give you the best chance of finding the right team for your roofing needs in Birmingham.

Ask to see testimonials or a portfolio of work

As part of your due diligence in finding a top roofing firm, testimonials and portfolios are a good starting point. Understanding their previous work’s variety, complexity, and quality will encourage further pursuit.

Can they give a guarantee?

If a roofing firm or anywhere for that matter is unwilling to guarantee their work, this should be an instant red flag. Any reputable roofing contractors should be covered by insurance and believe in their ability to guarantee all their work.

Do they employ subcontractors?

Some roofing firms choose to employ subcontractors to quote less for jobs to secure work and if there is a backlog of jobs to be done. Always be wary of firms that use subcontractors as often the quality of the work can diminish, and it raises questions over the guarantee of the work. You might find it harder to get a company to return to fix a snag if a subcontractor completed the job.

Public liability insurance

Before agreeing to any work on your property, confirm the roofing contractors you’re hiring have sufficient public liability insurance. Although it is not a legal requirement, public liability insurance demonstrates that the roofing company is serious about health and safety concerns.

Contact Supaseal today if you have any roofing requirements in Birmingham and would like to hire a professional, highly skilled company that guarantees all their work.

Why you should get your roof inspected?

Your roof is an important and sometimes overlooked part of your property. Most people assume their roof is well installed and they only need to think of it when a problem arises. However, a flawed roof has the potential to be an expensive repair if left unattended. Extending your roof life starts with a regular inspection. A regular roof inspection performed by an experienced roofing expert, checks your roof is healthy and reduces costly roof repairs or replacements.

Weathering & aging effects

All roofs undergo weathering and most aging effects are visible. As aging increases leaks may occur which can result in moisture infiltration. An inspection from a professional roofer can help spot those aging effects. They can also help identify other issues and advise of repair work that may need doing on the roof, as we all know prevention is better than cure.

High winds and other severe weather can damage a roof, so roofs should be inspected following any adverse weather in order to prevent issues from escalating.

Leak Assessment

Leaks after heavy rain are the primary reason for a roof inspection in the UK. The leak seems to be a small issue, but an experienced professional can determine the extent of the damage and the likely repercussions. By letting a professional roofer inspect the problem, they will be able to advise the best way to resolve issues so that your roof doesn’t suffer any further damage.

Making sure there is proper drainage

A good slope / good drainage is important to ensure a healthy roof. Standing water on the roof can result in leaks and water infiltration. Making sure you have a good drainage system will avoid unnecessary harm to the roof and regular cleaning of the roof can help remove potential future problems.

Regular roof inspections can also help extend the lifespan of your roof and address potential issues before they become larger problems. So why not get a professional inspection done for your roof today?

Maintenance and Protection tips for commercial roofing

Commercial roofing is an investment if done properly. It can give you years of maintenance free security, and will protect your buildings from rain, wind and other elements for many years. With regular maintenance minor issues can be resolved before they lead to major damage. There are several factors that need to be considered when maintaining and protecting a commercial roofing.

Weather Problems
Check for problems after extreme weather as rain damage such as standing water, can cause serious problems. If this is the case, flashing can be used to stop water and protects the structure of the wall and cover. Other than looking, always use a professional to carry out the work.

Regular Inspections
Inspections should be done at regular intervals in order to keep your roof in a good condition. Get any damaged areas repaired as soon as possible. Consult an experienced roofing contractor and get the best advice for your roof.

Water Damage
Water inside the roof can cause staining and discolour walls. Remove dirt and gravel as it can retain water which in turn can cause moisture and lead to serious damage. Remember, this is not curing the problem so seek professional advice.

Excess Light
Too much sunlight can affect commercial roofing in summers. Single ply and coating can protect the roof from damage as it helps decrease roof temperatures in the summer months.

Common causes of roof failure & the way we deal with them

Your homes Roofing is critical but can cause pain and expense if it fails prematurely. Although there is an expected lifespan for a roof, you can extend this with professional help. The 2 main causes for the early demise of a roof are either natural problems or installation/repairs by inexperienced professionals. We have been in the business since 1989 and are experienced in tackling almost any roofing problem – domestic or commercial. Here are some of the more common examples we come across:

Poor installation/repair
Having a installation / repair almost always leads to the early demise of the roof. Poorly installed products can give homeowners huge stress and leave them with no choice but resolving the issues at their own expense. We only install products we know, trust and are trained on.

Not having appropriate material
Great roofs require both conscientious installation and use of good materials. All of our jobs are carried out by roofers who are CSCS qualified and we use either traditional or modern high-tech materials depending on the requirement of the job. We work with the top companies like Marks & Spencer, Fort Dunlop, Sytner BMW, Rolls-Royce Rybrook as well as a number of historical churches and schools. We guarantee our work so you have peace of mind with your investment.

Don’t fall victim to these avoidable roofing problems. Let Superseal handle your roofing problems in Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield, Great Barr and surrounding areas.

Top Tips for Choosing a Roofing Contractor

If you are looking for a roofing contractor there are things to look out for and questions to ask that can help you make a good decision.

Any work to your property that involves significant outlay, time, and inconvenience should be a good investment – and for that you need to be sure you have the right team on board. Not all roofing contractors are reliable or will afford your job the care and attention it requires, but it can be hard to know for sure if you’ve found a reputable company before work begins. Thankfully with a bit of common-sense analysis there are some pointers that can act as a guide and help you make a more informed decision.

Our Top Tips are:

  • Make sure all work is guaranteed. Any good roofing contractor will have the confidence of an insurance backer and confidence in their own work, and will therefore be offering a service that is guaranteed.
  • Check who will be carrying out the work and only consider companies who use their own employees – this ensures accountability and quality control, as no firm can guarantee the workmanship of third party contractors.
  • Always ensure the firm carries public liability insurance, and a handy tip is to look out for £10m plus insurance as this is a sign the company is approved for work on schools and/or council properties.
  • The roofing contractor should be VAT registered.
  • If a contractor does not guarantee their work ask why – and if you have any doubts about their credibility, move on before any work begins.

Remember that making a poorly informed decision could lead to costly and avoidable repairs, so make sure you’re clued up before you begin.

Look for an established firm that meets the points above, and who in addition can provide references, recommendations, and full transparency. Get in touch with us at Superseal if you want to start your search with a roofing contractor that ticks all these boxes and more.

With a good roofing service, a leaky roof doesn’t have to mean a new roof

Roofs in our climate are subject to all kinds of weather throughout the year. From strong winds, rain, and hail, to freezing temperatures and then very hot temperatures. It’s no wonder that a construction like your roof, exposed to these challenges day after day may occasionally need some professional attention.

Roofs do leak from time to time, but if you discover a water incursion, don’t panic – there’s a good chance that with an expert roofing service, such as from Superseal, you can fix the problem, and won’t need a whole new roof.

If you find a leak in your roof:

Don’t: ignore it and hope it’ll go away. It won’t. And there are significant risks to you home attached to having moisture coming into the structure.

Only a professional roofer should work on your roof – unless you have the required skillset, roofing is not usually appropriate for DIY.

Do: find a reputable builder or roofer to assess the problem. Chances are work to the localised area will resolve the issue.

Many leaks are caused by tile displacement, so if you spot a tile on the ground, or even just after a particularly winding night, make sure you check for the chance to catch the problem straight away.

Finding the right roofer

Whatever your roofing problem, you need to find a contractor. Look for a company that is well established and can demonstrate a track record of quality work in your area.

Superseal are roofing and security specialists, and we provide the services that can get your roof back into top condition. We have been roofing locally since 1989, and bring a qualified and experienced team to every job.

Get in touch to find out more. Our team are happy to discuss any roofing problem with you, and a quick assessment will tell us how much work is needed.