DIY – Glass Reinforced Plastic(GRP) roofing

A bit more about GRP roofing
If you have a flat roof you may have heard about GRP roofing. GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic and is a small revolution in roofing for all kinds of roof.
Superseal have been providing all kinds of roofing to Lichfield, Sutton Coldfield, Solihull, and customers further afield for many years, and we see an increasing interest in this form of roofing, which can deliver durability and flexibility like no other material.
GRP might seem to be the natural solution for flat roofs – which have a legitimate reputation for being tricky to keep watertight using traditional methods – but this system can also have benefits for pitched roofs, and its ability to mimic other materials means its use is becoming more widespread.
GRP can be used to look like a traditional tiled or lead roof, is available in a range of colours and can be used to roof areas that include irregular features, such as balconies, or roof windows.
Does GRP have to be installed by a roofer?
No, GRP can be DIY installed, but GRP roofing needs fairly specific weather conditions to be 100% effective, and when you’re fitting a roof that with the right installation should last for over 30 years maintenance free, getting an expert to lay the roof should seem like a wise investment.
How long does GRP take to lay?
Because GRP doesn’t require heat sealing, the job can be completed much faster than many older roofing systems. An average roof, with two people working should take a day to install, and in good weather, the whole surface should have cured within an hour, to the touch.
If you want to find out more about GRP, or want to ask anything about roofing in Lichfield, Sutton Coldfield, Solihull or other area, why not get in touch with Superseal – we’ll be happy to help.